MC/Event Host

Heather will work with you before, during and after your event to make sure it is amazing.

Before your event

Heather will discuss with you, your event objectives and how you can achieve the best results either on line or in person.

We will provide you with a pre conference teaser video for your delegates.

Heather will provide help to other non professional speakers who may require a little coaching to deliver their message with impact.

At the event

She will talk with other speakers to ensure things are kept to time.

She will continuously communicate with your organisers for last minute issues and changes.

She will engage with the audience providing energy and humour in keeping with the messages of the day.

After the event

We will provide a post event video of delegates to remind them of key points and how fantastic your event was.

There will be a post event offer when you rebook for the follow year.

What her audiences say about her