Inspirational Speaker online and in person

Do you want your people to excel with their performance? Your teams to become world class and your leaders to inspire? Heather will empower them by providing unique insights and tools to free them from old habits that are holding them back. She will show them how to build on the talent they have and be confident in developing new skills.

Heather Wright is a tour de force. A must hear speaker who creates an amazing atmosphere in the whole conference room whenever she takes to the stage, big or small as well as online.

A force of nature

Heather’s energy levels and wit have gained her many admirers and followers. Her personal brand is quite simply her ‘uniqueness’ and no matter what sector your business is in Heather rises to the challenge and her results and reviews are simply amazing.

If you are looking for your delegates to take part in a fast paced, highly interactive captivating session with takeaways that can be life-changing then get in touch and see for yourself what is achievable.

What her audiences say about her