Slide “Heather continues to be the
most interesting and exciting
speaker I have encountered”
Inspirational Speaker

MC/Event Host

both in person and online

Inspirational Speaker

Looking for a Speaker your audience will enjoy, be engrossed by and learn from?

Then ask Heather Wright to speak at your event.  Whether it is in person or online she will blow your people away with her knowledge, energy and wit.

MC/Event Host

Communication with your audience needn’t start on the day itself. Heather and her team work with clients to create pre-event videos to build anticipation and create a connection.

Events should be a catalyst for continuous learning. Heather translates post-event high energy into valuable, sustained development using a combination of tools

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    Inspirational Speaker

    Heather Wright, an extraordinary keynote speaker, author, trainer, coach and truly brilliant virtually or in person.


    Over the past 25 years Heather has helped organisations, teams and individuals deliver sustained personal and business success with practical effective messages.


    Some of the many topics she will talk on are:

    • Top performance habits of the most successful individuals and teams
    • Inspirational leadership
    • Unshakeable resilience


    Keynote speaker, author,
    trainer and coach

    online or
    in person

    Creating an amazing


    Tailored material, design and
    planning of events

    keeping it going
    after the event

    Post event video for delegates
    of key points